How to avoid missing cashbacks?

Disable third-party extensions

At times even though you may not realize, some browser extensions can affect on our partner links. In this case our cookie gets replaced and even though you think you went via us, the other site actually gets the commission. Hence, since we didn’t get paid we cant pay you and your Cashback goes missing. Here are some examles of the extensions that can brake Nova's work: Adblock, friGate CDN, Aliexpress Seller Check, а также VPN/Proxy/Socks etc.

Make your purchases within a single browser session

Make sure, that you made the order right after, visiting the website using the referral provided by Nova. If you linked to the website, added/removed products in your shopping cart, closed the window and returned to the wesite after an hour, most probably your cashback will be lost. To avoid this, add the products to your shopping cart only after visiting the website from Nova.

Make only online purchases

Your cashback will not be activated, if you make your order through phone call or with the help of the consultant.

Use coupon codes and bonuses provided exclusively by Nova

Sometimes if you use third-party coupon codes, discounts, bonuses programs not provided by our service or make payments through cashback offering credit cards offered by bank, we don’t get paid commission for that transaction and hence cannot pass Cashback to you. Especially, when a seller on AliExpress offers you individual discount, most probably your cashback will be failed.

Cashback is calculated exclusively on products' price

Usually, stores exclude the cost of shipping, discount amount, used balance from cashback calculation.

Try to make purchases from your PC

A large part of cashback bounces comes from the purchases made by mobile devices. The reason is that mobile versions of some ecommerce stores do not include a special code, which is necessary for fixing and tracking your cashback.

Purchases mad by legal entities

In some cases, when purchase was made by a legal entity, your cashback can be denied by the store.

If your cashback is lost:

Tip №1: Try to complete your purchase not later than in an hour, and do not visit any other website or use external applications in this period. This will ensure that no any other service can replace our partner-links.

Tip №2: Clear your browser cookies before making a purchase. Use Ctrl+Shift+Delete keyboard shortcut to clear cookies for the whole period of usage.