How it works

Upgrade your shopping experience to international level. With Shop & Ship we deliver shopping from around the world at rates you'll love. Our service is simple to use, just follow the steps below:

1. Create a Nova account - registration on Nova is free and simple. To register you'll need to provide a valid email address, choose your country, type your full name and create a password. You can also register to Nova via social networks.

2. Add a recipient - You can add multiple recipients to your account. You can choose your main recipient on "My Profile" page.

IMPORTANT: The information about recipient will be further used for preparing documents needed for export. Please, make sure that all the information (including identity number) is up to date.

3. Get your shipping addresses abroad - Once you added your first recipient, go to "My International Addresses" tab and see the list of your addresses available for each country. Shipping addresses are unique for each recipient. Choose the right recipient to view his uniques addresses worldwide.

4. Make a purchase - Use your Nova unique shipping address when making purchases from international e-commerce stores. If you're not sure where to start, use our Store Finder to choose a right store you need. Here you can find a shoping inspiration and of course hundreds of partner stores offering cashback for Nova members.

5. Smile and Relax - When your packages arrive to our export facility, we'll send you an email notification. We will aggregate, repackage and prepare your order for further shipment. Once we recieve your order we will ship it to your home country and, upon arrival, will do customs clearance on your behalf.

Use the tracking number for your package to track its location lifetime.

6. Choose your delivery option - On Nova you can choose whether to recieve your packages at your home address by our delivery service or pick up yourself at one of Nova's nearest pick up points. You can attach multiple delivery addresses to your profile for your conveniance.